Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sculpture II NEW projects UPDATE

The trophies are over with... (they did earn the Sculpture 2ers a lot of points for there hard work though)

Dinah is now making fast food soft sculptures\
Mary is making a head dress out of license plates
Josh is making sparks and vhs furniture
Pamela is making an armature for something
Eric is making wire figures and is plotting against the sculpture pigeons

1 comment:

  1. Pamela is making a tree of symbols using a red cedar stump, various "branch" materials, and cast paper "leaves."

    The armature is for a 3 foot high ceramic naked girl on a rock--my Ceramics V project. Sorry if it's taking up real estate, but I don't have anywhere else to keep it right now. Soon, I will have to start putting the wire form then wet clay on it. When I get into laying on and building up the clay, I will not keep it in the sculpture room anymore. Don't worry.