Thursday, December 2, 2010

Final Critique

Well here are my things. Each of these pieces reflects my goals for the use of wire media. Sadly, time and moolah weren't on my side this time, as I would have preferred to have had more along the lines of the male, female, and adolescent done, but the process behind these would appear to require a bit more time than I thought would be needed. One major technical difficulty that occurred was the construction of the head for these creatures. Numerous failures all pointed to a need for a revised drawing board. sigh. The Abstract forms, were initially constructed as a tress relief, as they have always been to me. I chose to include them as I felt a decent amount of stress when designing the other bodies; an amount of stress that proved to be beneficial to the creative juices as the two abstracts were born form it. It has been an interesting, and busy semester.

Oh, and least I forget, to whoever left my little wire dancer out with the rest of my sculpture, thank you! I had no idea where she had gotten off to.

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