Friday, December 3, 2010


I bet you all know who did these. The chocolate appearance of Dinah's Reeses Peanut Butter Cup was making Aaron hungry.

Here is my display of "artifacts" in their case. I assembled the project to look like a specimen case from a mineral/archeological find show. Pamela

I don't know what those colored strips are at the bottom of the pic. Blame Dinah. This was from her "Smart" phone! :)

Mary's fantastic headdress! She made it all from her own Tribe's license plates and was very conscious of design and balance. We all really liked this piece and hope to see her do more in this style.

Josh's cute dragon. I wish I took a pic of it when it was moved onto a black stool. The dragon looked more dragon-like when he was more defined on a different color surface than his own body.

Here are Eric's wire robots. They look great and are very time-consuming to make.

Here is Eric's large wire figure. He look very gestural to me.
I like this technique too.


  1. I only took 1 picture, that first one! I have nothing to do with the colored bars! :P

    Thanx for putting all of these up btw :)

  2. Good job sculpture ll! Pamela thanks for taking that picture of my headdress at final critique.Im ready to make more!