Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Found another interesting fellow that some might like to see. His name is David Mach.

He reminds me a bit of Gormly, only a little sexier subject matter...and more gorillas.
The wire forms are all made out of coat hangers with their stems protruding form the main body. Speaking of bodies though, some of his other materials are a bit more interesting than his wire executions in my opinion. Mosaicked yet highly detailed three dimensional forms showing a severe feminine curve despite the nature of the materials used.

Mr. Mach has also kept busy with various installations it would appear. Personally I like the installations a little better than the figures. They seem to be a bit more captivating. I enjoy the strange use of material, such as dominoes being utilized for smooth feminine curves, but the installations are just a bit more...there.

Anyone interested in David Mach can check out his website as well:


  1. sexy gorillas? What were you thinking about at 2;00 am?

    I think Gormly's work is stronger.

  2. I completely agree about Gormly. I like this man's representations of the human and humanoid form, but the lack of identity in Gormly's figures makes them so much stronger. What I liked about mach's stuff was more so the contruction elements than the piece as a whole. The female figures especially. I do think that his installations are definitely stronger than the individual sculptures, such as the brick forms and phone booths.