Thursday, December 2, 2010

Lisa Fedon

      In 1978 Lisa graduated from Pennsylvania State University with a BFA in printmaking. Her main focus was and still is on "the figure". She has trained herself to see and represent only the essential lines eliminating everything that represents mass. By doing this she feels that she showcases the true feeling of "the figure". For ten years she worked with wire creating the below kinds of sculptures. What captivates me most about these is the simplicity. I am always astonished when I see an artist that is so sure of their mark that they can draw a figure using an ink pen and draw a figure in one stroke of the pen. I rely too heavily on my eraser to ever be so brave. Her sculptures remind me of the drawings I've seen like this. Effortless perfection...

     After her ten year span with the above sculptures she threw out the wire and turned to plates of steel. She started representing the figure with the negative space of the steel. By doing this she felt she could better represent the essence of the figure's soul. She did not only throw out the wire but she also threw out the photographs. Up until this time Lisa had always worked from photograph. Lisa found the photos to be a crutch and says "So I began to interpret 'the figure' through an inner sense of shape and form.  Simplicity demanded truth, and symbolism in my work took root."

     In 1994 she received a commission from the University of Scranton. This allowed her to develop her new way of sculpturing even further. In 1996 her husband started a landscaping career and Lisa started doing garden sculptures. The last two years Lisa has been working with furniture.

     No matter what she is making she still holds fast to her first love "the figure".

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  1. So she's ceased being a sculptor since she now makes furniture?