Monday, October 18, 2010


Many of you, well honestly all of you, need to reread the following that is from the syllabus regarding this blog and your grade.

Class Blog (
You are required to contribute and interact with the ECU sculpture blog. You must first get a free gmail account and email me your address. At that point you will become a co-author of this blog. You will be able to add content at any time such as images of your work in this class, comments on your peers' work, and anything else that is sculpture related. It is expected that you take digital photos of your work in progress and post these images on a regular basis. In order to receive a grade for each assignment you must also post a photo(s) of the completed piece. You will also be required to make 4 thoughtful and ambitious entries that cover a significant sculptor or sculpture topic of your choice. The very first blog entry is a model (Tim Hawkinson).

Evaluation and Grading
60% based on finished projects produced in this class, which includes: on-time fulfillment of assignments, craftsmanship and ambition, and relevance to content.
30% based on overall attendance and work ethic, which includes safe work habits, clean-up, and participation in class and on the sculpture blog.
10% based on final exam (slide recognition; see list of artists below)

It's midterm and now is the time to start working toward that 30% of your final grade that includes this blog. Your grade on Bb does not reflect the blog. So please for your grade's sake get to it.

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