Sunday, October 24, 2010


To begin this Thursday. I have a critique with sculpture II on that day. So please email me with any questions about this assignment.

Part 1 (2 class periods)

Select a visually interesting object from life and fabricate it out of wood.

Proportions should be accurate, but the scale should differ greatly. You should choose something relatively small like a remote control or nail clippers and make it much larger reproducing all surface topography and dimensional elements.

Process – wood fabrication (carving should be reserved for minor details and surface texture only)

Scale – 2-3 feet in any direction

Surface – sand and coat with clear polyurethane

Materials – pine, cedar, clear pine, select pine, plywood, mdf

Home Depot is a good source for materials. They also have a “cull” bin that has cheap wood in it. Dumpsters can also good sources. Pine is the cheapest wood and is adequate for this assignment.

Different species of wood have different colors. The cheap pine at Home Depot is light yellow. Cedar fence pickets are darker. You may try to blend different colors of wood together.

Possible Objects to Study:


cell phone

kitchen appliance

video game controller




tape dispenser

power tool

can opener
hair clip
clothes pin

You may choose any object you like, but please run it by me first. Notice that the objects in my list are mostly rectilinear or geometric. Avoid organic or curvilinear objects like stuffed animals or other round, soft, furry, objects. Fabricated wood will have hard, rectilinear planes.

Part 2 (3 class periods)

Abstract the same object using wood and using a similar process. Begin by making several sketches utilizing abstraction techniques such as Cubism, Futurism, Abstract Expressionism.

Process – wood fabrication

Scale – 2-3 feet in any direction

Surface – sand and coat with clear polyurethane

Materials – pine, cedar, clear pine, select pine, plywood, mdf

I will be grading based on the following:

proportions (part 1)

ambitiousness (both)

creativeness (part 2)

craftsmanship (both)

GENERAL NOTE: This is NOT a carving assignment. Fabricate parts using the band saw and other tools and fasten them together using the nail gun, screws, or wood glue. You should only be using the carving tools to achieve minute details on your work. Other tools that may be of use; jigsaw, drill, drill press, panel saw, table saw, router, belt sander, planer, etc. I will give a short demo at the beginning of class on Thursday.


  1. Aaron, on the first project, can we use hardware, like a hinge for a box?

  2. make the hinge out of wood. You are to fabricate the entire object out of wood

    It sounds tough, but you have to think a little differently on this project. This one is all about problem solving and engineering