Monday, October 4, 2010

AAA Fall Show info

Ada Artists Association

Fall Exhibit - 2010

Registration: Saturday, October 30 (9:00am - Noon) The cost is $8.00 per entry for non-members, $6.00 per entry for members. Student non-members pay $7.00 per entry, student members pay $5.00 per entry. Membership in the Ada Artists Association is $15; and $5.00 for students. Dues may be paid during registration.

Location: Hugh Warren Public Library - Second floor in the McKeel Center, located at 12th & Rennie in Ada, Oklahoma.

Exhibit: The show opens Monday, November 1st; and will remain up until noon on Saturday, November 6th. Exhibit hours are Mon-Fri 10a.m. - 6p.m, Sat. 9a.m. - noon.

Reception: A reception will be held for exhibitors and guests on Monday, November 1st from 6p.m.-7p.m. Awards will be presented at that time.

Pick-Up: All work must be picked up between noon and 2pm on Saturday, November 6th. No artwork may be removed before this time.

The exhibit is open to all artists working in any media, and will be limited to a maximum of 4 entries per artist. All work must have been completed within the last calendar year.

Cash Awards: Best of Show $225 1st Place $175 2nd Place $125

3rd Place $75 3 Honorable Mention awards of $25

Young Artists Entry Fees and Awards; A $5.00 fee allows the young artist to enter up to 2 works. 2-D works must be dry and framed or otherwise ready to hang. 1st place - $25, 2nd place - $10, and 3rd place - $5 will be awarded.

Judge: Taryn Chubb has a Master’s degree in art history from Southern Methodist University in Dallas and will complete her Ph.D. in art history from Cornell University this spring. She has taught art and art history courses for the past five years. Taryn is the new gallery director for ECU’s permanent art collection and for the Pogue Gallery, which hosts temporary exhibits throughout the year.

If you have any questions or would like to volunteer with the Fall 2010 show, contact Erin Wetherill at (580) 235-0309, in person at 808 E. Main St. Suite B in Ada, or by email at erin@redearthartsupply.comAda Artists Association Exhibit Rules

1. All entries must bear the artist’s name, title, address, phone number, media category, and price or NFS (not for sale) on each entry form. Attach form to the upper left hand corner. Forms on 3-D entries may be tagged or attached to the bottom. 2. All 2-D entries must be dry, framed and ready for hanging. Use wire or ‘alligator’ hangers. No string allowed.

3. All entries must be original. Work copied from a published photo or illustration is not allowable. 4. All ‘Fine Crafts’ entries must be original and will be held to a high standard of design and craftsmanship.

5. Ada Artists Association will retain a 20% commission from work sold at the exhibit. We ask participating artists who make a sale after, but generated during the show, to honor the commission and remit the 20% to the AAA in good faith. 6. Pick-up time is to be honored. AAA is not responsible for artwork left after the designated pick-up time.

7. The AAA reserves the right to refuse any entry deemed not to be original or poorly executed. 8. All entries must be left though the end of the show and then picked up by the artist or a proxy with written approval. 9. The AAA will exercise all reasonable care of entries but will no be held responsible for loss or damage. 10. Work previously exhibited at the AAA shows will not be accepted.

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