Thursday, October 7, 2010

Stage 1 Inner Workings

Welcome to Cygnus Robotics™ preferred customer catalog. Cygnus prides itself on the construction of all new model humanoids form the fully anthropomorphic to the more "specialized" models. Here is stage one of the assembly of a no frills Mk.V female android. These humanoids stand roughly 9" to 10" tall and are completely upgradeable. The inner workings have to come first so the body can be built and manipulated around what organs and inner processes it must house. All specialized organs are considered features, but all stock organs come standard with an extended warranty as a guarantee of their functionality.
All craziness aside though, here is one of my experimental forms, that will hopefully become a working archetype for my other sculptural endeavors along this idea. Utilizing various wires of
differing size and material, I'm constructing these humanoids as close to "life"-like as possible.

Step 1: Skeletal and primary organ systems
Step 2: Muscular systems
Step 3: Dermal application
Step 4: Personality

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  1. This looks the making of a SUPER Senior Exhibit