Monday, October 24, 2011

Comments on Moroles lecture???


  1. Good lecture - too bad we didn't get to see the photos he had on his cd. I do have a copy of his book that was passed around. Ann Sherman is a good friend of mine and she shot the major photos in the book; she gave me a copy about 5 years ago. I'm always intrigued when an artist chooses to work in large scale; such a challenge in height and also weight. His work reminds me so much of the stone work in Central America, except contemporary. Glad he came ECU.

  2. Kelly, what stone works from Central America? I'm from Panama, wondering if any are located there.

  3. It WAS unfortunate that his powerpoint didn't work. It's just more evidence that technology will always fail you when you need it most. You should always try to have slideshows saved in multiple formats when visiting different computers.

    Even with that problem, Jesus' lecture was very good. And if you are thinking it was long, it wasn't out of the ordinary. I've sat through a couple that were 3 hours long.

    He had some very good points. Use the studios while you can. Produce, produce, produce and maybe one will be a masterpiece. Learn from peoples' mistakes.