Monday, October 3, 2011

So, you may have to bear with me because I kinda went crazy with my phone camera.

I made this because it I wanted to make something incredibly intricate, but simple. The original version is from an anime movie called "Howl's Moving Castle". It is about a castle that is fueled by a fire demon and can walk around the countryside. The castle in this movie, and in the book that it was based on is what inspired me to make this. The spires, houses and geometric shapes created something that was interesting for me to look at and sparks the imagination. I was trying to create that. I was trying to create this structure that would make you want to go in and explore and have adventures.


  1. Honestly, I think this piece needs color or different values to create the sense of depth present in the anime picture. Slapping cheap paint on it is not the answer though.

    This was very ambitious though!!!! And I think it was a great success in some ways. A fantastic first investigation into additive sculpture!

  2. I agree with Aaron, it does need some color. Are you going to put some polyurethane or anything on this?