Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I messed up!

Today I explained the casting process and I mentioned that it takes 6-8 hours for one polyester casting to cure.  I was right about that. What I messed up was not taking that time into consideration.  It would take weeks to cast 7-8 pieces during class.  So I am making a slight change.  See below.

Everything stays the same as what I said today except now I want you to make the putty mold and the blue rubber mold at the same time. Then incorporate both cast elements into the same sculpture. With at least 2 molds you will be able to work twice as fast.

So now find or make an object for the putty AND make a different object out of oil clay for the blue rubber mold.

The 2 different objects will be a part of the same sculpture.

I have oil clay for you to use.

You will need 1 piece foam core. They have it at the bookstore or any office store and even that big store I despise.  You will also need 3 - 4 large wax paper or Styrofoam cups.  Ask for extras the next time you get a drink.  An old plastic, mixing spatula will also be needed.

Think of how the 2 objects will affect one another visually and conceptually.

Be prepared to start this on Thurdsday.

Materials for Thursday:

1 - 2 objects for putty mold
foam core
plastic mixing spatula (Dollar Store)
latex gloves

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