Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Making progress

I had fortify the inside of the figure
which also adds weight to the lower half

Fitting the pieces together - Nervous!

Shasta wants to know what's going on


  1. looks good. So how many figures will be made for the 1st critique?

  2. I outlined one life size figure in my proposal because this is the first time for me to work with plaster and I knew it would be a learning process, especially attempting something in a large format. Now that I'm finishing up and worked through the trial and error phase, I would like to do another figure; this time a figure coming out of the wall.

  3. this looks really good i really need to come watch u for my next sculpture to see how you have been able to created him becuz it is really hard for me to work with the plaster.

  4. April, I will be working in the old art basement this weekend. Catch me tomorrow in painting class. You are welcomed to come watch.