Saturday, October 1, 2011

Deborah Butterfield

  I sat down to write this blog and had a case of writer's block. So I started looking through hundreds of pictures of sculptures, hoping something would jump out at me. Finally one did...
This bronze horse, created by Deborah Butterfield, reminded me a lot of living in Chicago. On my drive to school every day, I would pass three metal horses similar to this one. The horses were made out of geometric sheets of metal so they were a little different. They were beautiful.
  So I started researching this picture and come to find out the artist is on the list Aaron gave us. One of the very few female sculptors.

This is another horse created by Deborah Butterfield. She made many horses out of these bronze casted sticks. I'm left a little in awe of her ability to take discarded wood and create something so full of emotion.

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  1. I have been to her studio and seen her process. It's a real production. She has several assistants that search out and sort Driftwood for her as well as sorting through the masses of scrap metal that she gets hauled in from all over the country. The driftwood horses are actually made with small twigs and hot glue. Then they are scanned and digitally enlarged by a commercial foundry does all the moldmaking and casting.

    There are a lot if artists that do this kind of horse art, but IMO she is the best. The ones at landmark bank are junk in comparison to hers.

    Her husband, John Buck, is also a famous sculptor.