Sunday, October 30, 2011

Ok, this is my sculpture. Aaron said it looked like the Dallas Cowboys, but I honestly didn't think of that when I painted it. I still like the color. You can't really see it, but the keys and hearts are in the middle. It is multi-leveled, in a way. It has to levels of wire, slightly different size and color of silver. The two wire levels are in between the molded (blue) rings. It turned out better than I had anticipated, really, but I think that's because I made the outer most rings more organized than the inner. This as not at all my original idea, but the more I worked with the original, the more id didn't work and the more it tried to make me crazy. This one I like. I am going to submit pictures of this to Originals, but not the pictures that I'm posting on here.

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  1. I was only pointing out how important perception is.