Thursday, November 10, 2011

Damien Hirst

So I think I'm pretty much in love with this man's art. It's everything I love all combined into amazingly beautiful creations. I really envy his ability to create the way he does. If only I had the patience for sculpting..
(yes this is a real skull)

So anyway.. Damien Steven Hirst was born 7 June 1965. He is an English artist, which is also amazing because i think English accents are hilarious. He is world renowned for his art, which just so happened to make him a millionaire, no big deal..

Hirst is well known for his use of dead animals preserved in formaldehyde. This morbidity is something that I can relate to in my own work. Although he goes above and beyond what I would ever be capable of doing. I can't see myself using real dead animals and covering them with goooold.... 

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  1. No. The skull is not real, it's cast platinum. I believe this was the most expensive piece of art ever made. (if you are considering actual fine art)