Monday, November 28, 2011

Slide ID Exam info (Sculpture 1 and 2)

What you will need.  Pencil and paper.  What time? Thursday Dec. 8th @ 3:00.  Meet in the regular classroom.  I'll have to find a classroom though to show the slides in.  We'll have the critique (sculpture 1) immediately afterwards.  This exam should take no longer than 30 minutes.

I will randomly choose 2 - 3 images from a single sculptor that I believe typify, or best represent their style. Example.  If you see 2 - 3 images of objects covered in some sort of cloth, you know it must be_______?  There will be a total 0f 25 - 30 sculptors.  All will be from the list.

I move fairly quickly and show each slide for about 5 seconds.  That should be enough time if you have studied.  This may sound difficult, but it's not impossible.  Most students in the past have gotten As or Bs on this exam.

You may NOT have a list of the artists names with you at the time of the exam.

I will not count off for not spelling the artists' names correctly.  As long as I know who you mean, I will give positive credit.

I would suggest doing Google Image searches, making flash cards, and making lists of descriptive words and phrases for each artist on the list.  Study the images and this list of descriptive words and phrases.

Example. Christo = outdoors, large installations, covers objects in fabric, sometimes uses bright colors, etc.

Henry Moore = figurative, brown, biomorphic figures, brown blobs, bronze, usually outdoors, very large

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