Monday, November 28, 2011

Neil Dawson:

Neil Dawson was born in 1948, is a widely known New Zealand sculpture. He seems to specialize in unique designs, with a lot of imagination, and some creative genius. Dawson taught at Christchurch Polytechnic from 1975 to 1983, but has since taken up sculpting as a more permanent career. "Dawson was awarded an Arts Laureate by the Arts Foundation of New Zealand in 2003" (wikipedia).

This sculpture, "Horizons" is made of welded steel and was placed in a private art park in New Zealand called "The Farm." While it looks like a drawing, it is not. It is pretty cool though, because it seems as if we have entered a world of comics.

Another interesting sculpture is "The Chalice," located at Cathedral Square, Christchurch. It is a large cone-shaped figure, that seems to have leaves and flowers throughout. It adds a modern touch of the angelic to the towering cathedral in the background.

An even more interesting work, I think, is his sculpture "Ferns." It was named such asit is made of silver fern leaves, wound together to create a sphere. It hangs up in the air and on a clear day seems to simply float. It is in Civic Square, Wellington, New Zealand, 14 meters up.

Dawson also does smaller works, which "often use illusion and such optical patterns as moiré to achieve their effect" (wikipedia). However, this can be seen in his larger works as well.

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