Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Class, it's going to be very windy tomorrow afternoon and given the kind of materials that you will be using I am cancelling the day at the park.  Please come to the sculpture studio and begin work on your final projects.

Please spread the word to your classmates.

I still want you to do at least one more Goldsworthy installation, but you will need to do it outside of class. Post these along with the ones from Tuesday on the blog.


  1. Somehow I missed what we're doing next. So, what are we doing next?

  2. An open series of your choosing. I talked about this in the gallery the day before David Phelps came.

    There is no assignment. Just work on a process that we have done in class or something new. The subject, material, form, scale, and process is up to you. Just be ambitious. You have the rest of the semester for this. And as always, one can't finish early.