Thursday, November 17, 2011

Ok, these are my current sculptures. I'm working on a sort of futuristic city, in an abstract (and maybe only in head) kind of way. If we continue to have all this plastic building up in the pretty rivers, soon we'll have to use it to build. Anyways, that's the idea behind it. This first one I call "Wheel" (they have to have names to keep them apart). It could go sideways, as it stands like that too, but I like it this way.
This one is "Towers," with a sort of twin tower-esque idea. It's not actually done yet, as I'm adding a little to it.

This one is called "Flower," perhaps celebrating the fall of green life and the replacing it with bottled replicas. It actually reminds me of these shrub things in Arizona, but I can't remember what the one I'm thinking of is called.

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