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Cygnus Robotics
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Date: 11/27/20xx
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C.24 Humanoid; adolescent

Perhaps most easily distinguishable from the rest of the C series, the C.24, a.k.a. "Adolescent",
model humanoid, is noted as one of the first in the curious files. The
units often displayed greater than average curiosities, and a
profound sense of independence from the rest of the line. This proved, quite often to
be a most formidable challenge when marketing the model, as it catered to a relatively small market of educational and children's entertainment centers.

A noted hardship of the model was its, at times, overwhelming and
disparaging attitude towards adult humans, whether owner or patron. So perfect was its flagrant disregard for the human adult, it
quite often had to be sold with an adult model. Generally, any C.10-15 model would work in discipling the unruly model, but sadly it was much to great a cost for most to have to maintain not only an adolescent, but an adult as well. Strangely enough, many of the first signs of cognition in our products were noted in the adult models when the "youngsters" were taken away. Many C.10-15 models, and on occasion, even a few of the older heavy-class C.3-4 models were reported as behaving against protocol, and almost violent at the decision to remove and deactivate the C.24 units.

This also caused much distress at Cygnus Robotics main design firm
as all refunded model C.24's were paid for directly from the
engineering dept.'s budget.

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  1. very nice post. Sounds very interesting!!

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