Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Assemblage (sculpture I)

A 3-d composition made from found objects.

Louise Nevelson
Jessica Stockholder
Nancy Rubins
Richard Chamberlain
Marcel Duchamp
Robert Rauschenberg
Deborah Butterfield
Joseph Cornell
H.C. Westermann

For the final project in this class, you are to construct an assemblage (large) or a series of assemblages (several smaller ones) out of "found" material that you have collected. Your assemblage should either "in-the-round" or designed as a wall piece(s). Subject and form are entirely up to you as long as you are being ambitious. You may use "cold connections" like wire, screws, glue, bolts, etc. or you may weld your pieces together. You may use, but are not limited to metal.

Dumpsters are a good source of found objects.

I want you make these with the idea that they might go in the student show next semester.

Note: Aluminum won't weld with our style of welders. If its shiny its probably toxic.

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