Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Barbara Hepworth-Sculptor

Barbara Hepworth was born in the North of England in  1903. She went to school with Henry Moore from 1920-24 at both the Leeds School and the Royal College of Art. She traveled among many artists who became very well known including Picasso and Brancusi. Her iconic sculptural style of organic shapes with holes was first accomplished in 1932 with Pierced Form aka Abstraction which was destroyed in 1940 in the London bombings of WWII. Her showings include galleries and exhibitions all over Great Britain, Europe, and the United States. She died in an accidental fire at her studio at age 72.


  1. Think minimal, abstract form with 1 - 2 holes. She is similar to Henry Moore in that regard. Both are figurative sculptors. Moore's tend to be MORE biomorphic than Hepworth's that tend to be slightly more geometric. Also, Moore almost always used bronze and his work is generally seen outside.