Thursday, November 11, 2010

Final Exam info

Final Exam

It is impossible to make art while in a creative vacuum. Being aware of past and present sculptors is essential to your art production and personal expression. Please be aware of the following sculptors and be ready to identify their work on the final exam. I will show a slide of a piece that typifies each artist's style. You will be responsible for identifying who the artist is.

Constantine Brancusi, Henry Moore, Sol Lewitt, Isama Naguchi, Barbara Hepworth, Joel Shapiro, Mark de Suvero, Nancy Rubins, Maya Lin, Wim Delvoye, Tom Friedman, Marcel Duchamp, Claes Oldenburg, Christo,

Richard Serra Louise Nevelson Sara Sze Liza Lou, John Chamberlain, Deborah Butterfield, Martin Puryear, Auguste Rodin, Antony Gormly, Tony Cragg, Damien Hirst, Andy Goldsworthy, Tim Hawkinson, and Ron Mueck

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