Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sculpture I and II Grades

From both syllabi

"30% based on overall attendance and work ethic, which includes safe work habits, clean-up, and participation in class and on the sculpture blog."

Since there is already a class attendance policy, the blog makes up the majority of this 30% of your grade. So lets say a student has a 100% in the class and rarely contributed to the blog or merely posted photos with no written explanations every once in a while. That student's 100% could fall all the way to a C.

You can still salvage part of that 30% now by following directions and making up for lost time.

Also from the syllabi...

"It is expected that you take digital photos of your work in progress and post these images on a regular basis. In order to receive a grade for each assignment you must also post a photo(s) of the completed piece. You will also be required to make 4 thoughtful and ambitious entries that cover a significant sculptor or sculpture topic of your choice. The very first blog entry is a model (Tim Hawkinson)."

Finding a picture, or even a group of pictures, and posting them without a well written explanation that includes your opinion does not count toward the 4 entries stated above. Notice how the example of Hawkinson has information and opinion, was thought out, and is more than a sentence or a paragraph.

I'm just reminding all of you because I really don't want to fail or give D's and C's to 3/4 of the class. Between both classes, there are only about 3 students that have followed the directions.

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