Sunday, November 14, 2010

Artist Profile - Suzi Trubitz

Suzi Trubitz was born in New York and studied at Parsons School of Design and Boston University of Fine Arts.  She worked as a Madison Avenue art director until she traded in the city life to live in the hills of Santa Ynez, California.  

Suzi says she is a self-professed student of life, who lives and creates with intense conviction and freedom.  I think she has to have much conviction to work with large pieces of stainless steel.  She shapes the steel with welders, plasma torches, and grinders.  Nature inspires her and it can be recognized in the majority of her sculptures, especially with a cut out leaf design.  She also uses wood, glass, gems, and cloth as added elements but doesn't upstage the steel.

I"m always interested in the artists processes.  The following is from her web site bio:  The process of art making for Trubitz involves three stages - idea, trial, and production.  Ideas come from anywhere - the energy vibrations of a found piece of glass, a packet of old letters, a poem or a song.  Her material of choice - large sheets of stainless steel or other plate metals.  She is never intimidated, instead she is inspried to try out and create new techniques, which bring a piece to life. 

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