Sunday, November 14, 2010

Are We Suprised? Really?

So I like Claes Oldenburg's work!

If you've seen anything I've made thus far this semester you've probably already figured that out. I just though I would share a few of my very favorite pieces of his with you!

This is his "Apple Core" it is constructed from Stainless steel, urethane foam, resin, and urethane enamel.
One of the things I love about it, besides "holy cow, I'd hate to see what ate that!", is the way that from a distance it looks like a giant soft sculpture.

This one is probably my most favorite of the pieces I've seen from Oldenburg. The "Dropped Cone" is yet another one of those "what was eating THAT!?" moments... LOL I really love the whimsy of it.

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