Thursday, November 18, 2010

Reuben Margolin

Ahoy everybody, Capt. Offal's got a treat for ya!
A few months ago, a lot of us saw a strange video of a kinetic sculpture at a BMW car show.

This piece of kinetic art made me look up more kinetic art, and I hit a gold mine. Reuben Margolin is a kinetic artist along these lines. Margolin's pieces represent his fascination with wave forms, a fascination that stemmed from a childhood interest in caterpillars.

Margolin's works, while simple in form, are complex in life. Their motions are fluid and natural despite their harsh mechanical origins. The sculptures come to life in their animated dances, and play across the imagination.

If you're interested in kinetic sculpture, Reuben Margolin is definately worth checking out at, or check out an interesting presentation by the artist himself right here.

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