Wednesday, December 7, 2011

"Andy Goldsworthy" project 4

This was my first attempt and, if I'm being honest, a lot more time, effort, and thought went into this one than the others. This can be largely be attributed to the fact that at first I had thought we were only supposed to do one. Anyways, as I began walking away from my truck and looking around the park, I started to notice how it seemed like all the seasons were there at once and how odd it looked. So I decided to build on that by using the flowers that were in bloom, the matured green vines, the changing leaves, and the dead leaves to represent spring, summer, fall, and winter. Since the seasons can also be seen as the cycle of life, I decided to arrange my materials in the manner of something that, to me, represents nature and life: a nest, with a heart of new life at its center. Another important aspect of this piece to me is the setting I placed it in. The stone and water remain much the same while everything else changes and passes around it, the same as we do on the earth. I wish you could see the center of the piece better and that the great light that had been there hadn't changed so fast, but other than that I am happy with this piece.

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