Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I forgot I needed to share how I made my pieces. First of all I bought 45 ft of copper wire, although when you look at the pieces together they do not seem to equal that amount, but they are there in fact. 2 big blocks of candle wax, boiling bags and an endless supply of cupcake holders. I used candle wax after melting and poured them into the holders for the form. These would become my heads for my mushrooms. After letting them dry but not completely I peeled away the paper layer. I would take the formed wax and drop it into the pot of boiling water, this smoothed out the tops and removed the ridges from the cupcake holders. I would then take one of the long copper rods and insert it into the bottom of the head. After I made sure they were standing nice and tall without the heads falling over, I continued. I like that I did not keep with one size, that I changed it up to have a nice variety of sizes. It was a crafty idea which became brilliant. I burned myself only a few times, but hey like they say if you don't get burned then whats the least i think that's a saying. Apparently I've had one to many days without sleep.


  1. interesting process. Is there a way to get the wax residue off of the floor around the table you were working at? It's extremely slippery and potential dangerous.

  2. I'll take the heat gun to it and clean it up. I thought I got most of it up the other day. Sorry.