Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Maya Lin

Maya Lin creates poetic works of art that seem to draw me in. They are tranquil and serene. Almost like the meditation balls and whatnot. Her works remind me of places someone would use in their minds to meditate.
She was born in Athens, Ohio. Her parents both taught at Yale after they left from China and just before the communist takeover in 1949.
Maya was also a student at Yale. Her mother taught poetry which makes sense due to her poetic works. She has poetry inside her. Her father was the Dean of Art and taught ceramics.
Maya was interested in landscapes, architecture, poetry and sculpture. All of those characteristics and mediums seem to shine threw within her artworks. As a class project she designed what is now the Vietnam Veterans Memorial wall.
The Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, DC, designed by Maya Lin.
Maya Lin Biography Photo

Lin created architectural projects for the Rockefeller Foundation and the Asian Pacific American Studies Institute at New York University.

She also created the "Womens Table" at Yale for the civil rights movement.

Some of her great poetic and peaceful works dealing with nature, landscapes, architecture, poetry and sculpture are shown below.

I will continue to enjoy her pieces and really hope to be able to see them in person in the future.

Were I got information on her and where to read more: and But also a really awesome place to just check out is

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