Tuesday, December 6, 2011

This is my final sculpture(s). I couldn't be happier the way each pieced turned out, I think they look absolutely beautiful. Each piece came out exactly as I pictured it. My concept is Life and how it grows by natural means and finds a way to live in man made materials and how we take nature and bring it into our homes, which in turn dies at some point. I'm very pleased to end the class with these 3 pieces.

Each piece that I have made in Sculpture I has to do with life in one way or the other. With the high relief carving of the baby (a very personal piece that I find hard to look at each day as I pass it in my home), the abstract octagon piece, which represents rebirth and the T castings which could be interpreted as life, some of you know what I am talking about (Mirena), although now since I do know how to work the drill press I plan to make it into a spine, which was my original plan.

I unconsciously kept with the concept of Life throughout the semester. I loved everything I have made and this is something I definitely plan to pursue on my own time.

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  1. L♥VE! You did an amazing job Teresa! I really like the materials you chose to make the mushrooms with and the rotting log was a great idea too! The lighting is what really sets it off tho! :)