Tuesday, December 6, 2011

"Andy Goldsworthy" project

I know its a little late in coming, but after spending a whole class period messing with this blog to no avail, I got frustrated and decided to wait until another time to post and do each separately. These pics are obviously sideways, and I couldn't figure out how to flip them, but they are actually my second attempt. After my first was finished, I just decided to go with whatever caught my fancy and use whatever materials I had on hand. I liked the contrast between the bright green of the grass and the gray color of the dead bush and it felt like something should connect the two. I decided to use several segments of multicolored ribbon that I had brought with me. At first I thought of vines connecting them, but then I felt like they were too disconnected so I used the rest of the ribbon to connect them to each other like a spiderweb. I really didn't care for how this turned out, but I was told that I should put it up anyways so I can show the process I went through.

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