Thursday, December 8, 2011

Wim Delvoye

Wim Delvoye is a contemporary, Belgian artist, who is also referred to as a non-conceptual artist. His work pushes the envelope and rides the line in several areas, between innovative and insane, riveting and repulsive. In fact, his tattooed pigs idea (which was actually named "Art Farm")was so outrageous that he left his home of Belgium for China so that he might legally pursue his artistic ideas. Much of his work is related to the body in one way or another. One of his most famous pieces being a digestive machine he put together, named "Cloaca", which actually creates excrement. Finally, his other work that he is well-known for are his "Gothic" pieces, which involve x-rays of sexual acts put into gothic style windows to imitate traditional stain glass windows. Upon my first looks at his work, I couldn't help but think that this man was utterly crazy for the ideas he had, but also appreciating them even more for their boldness and originality. While creating art out of my own excrement or using live animals for my work isn't exactly something I aspire to, I do hope that I can one day find a style or concept as particular to me as he has.

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