Thursday, December 1, 2011

Artist Profile:Bruno Torf

As it is the end of one semester and about the beginning , I thought this Bruno Torf was born in South America and later moved to Australia to make his fantasy sculpture dream a reality. In Marysville, he bought land and began sculpting. He then opened “Bruno’s Art and Sculpture Garden” to the public. Beginning with only fifteen sculptures, Torf kept at it until he had over a hundred.

These sculptures are about fantasy meeting the real world. Many people from all over the world go and visit these sculptures. I would too, if I were to go. They are, by far, the most beautiful ones I have seen. Also, I love fairy tales.

The glorious dream ended early 2009, however, when the raging fire swept through parts of Australia, destroying and burning much of the sculpture garden. After that Torf and his family began to rebuild, reopening the sculpture garden late that year. This shows both dedication and ingenuity. The sculptures were not completely destroyed, so Torf was able to fix some of the older sculptures.

I cannot even explain exactly how sad some of the pictures are. I had never heard of these before, but seeing the before pictures and then the aftermath, it’s just so pitiful. To get the full affect, you must go to his website (it wouldn’t let me post all the pictures). This is one example:

This should be important to everyone in the art department for multiple reasons. One is that, just like Brad has said, “don’t let the painting own you.” Torf saw the destruction of nearly all his hard work, yet he came back and tried again. Another is that Torf did not give up. As this is the end of the semester, we have almost made it through as well.

This is the link to his page, to see all the pictures, both before and after.

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